Our company’s history dates back to 2001. PETEC was established by one of the leading Norwegian independent petroleum R&D institutions – Rogaland Research, since 2006 – International Research Institute of Stavanger AS, IRIS, since 2018 – NORCE AS. NORCE is now one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes, if we include NORCE’s subsidiaries, the group has 1000 employees from around the world.  NORCE’s main office is in Bergen, and the group has a strong presence in Alta, Tromsø, Bardu, Bodø, Haugesund, Randaberg, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Grimstad and Oslo.

During these years PETEC has passed a long way turning from a small rep office of Rogaland Research into one of most respectful independent E&P consultants staffed with excellent specialists including GKZ and TsKR experts. We have also become suppliers of software from the world leading developers. All these were also a result of support from new Russian investors (ZAO NTK) who set a new direction for our development and made a stake on establishing highly qualified young team.   

But we have not lost ties with our roots – NORCE who is still among our shareholders and a reliable partner. The company provides methodological and other required assistance to us including assurance and quality control for complex models we are working with. We also cooperate with a whole group of Norwegian partners on implementation of integrated operations centers and advanced drilling solutions.

PETEC is one of a few Russian companies who obtained a working experience not only all over Russia, but also managed to operate in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, South America and in the Middle East. Are there a lot of companies from our sector that are invited as consultants to Columbia and Ecuador, Iran and Saudi Arabia? We are proud of this and do our outmost to enhance quality of our services on a daily basis. We accumulate knowledge and experience, explore new methods, attend international scientific and technical conferences and make presentations, master new software tools.  

Our goal and commitment to our customers is the ultimate quality of the final product. Our partners select us more often because we can do what others cannot. That’s the only way for a really independent consultant to survive. And that’s how we work for already 15 years.


We cooperate and maintain business ties with leading oil companies, specialized software developers and research institutions from all over the world. Friendly relationships established during years of collaboration allow us to actively and efficiently exchange experience and get consultancy for any matters.