Development and Production Department
Petroleum Technologies

Development and production department fulfils an entire set of works for design technological documentation and provide services for development:

  • analysis of field production history, the forecast of production profiles
  • 3D reservoir simulation
  • EOR and IOR methods
  • technical and economic evaluation of field development efficiency
  • independent evaluation for oil asset production potential
  • working out of design technological documentation for fields and deposits development and production including substantiation of oil recovery factors

Our specialists possess excellent skills to use 3D reservoir simulation tools (CMG, Eclipse, Tempest MORE, tNavigator), and also various time-proven analytical methods by Russian developers.

Along with solid data base on various fields in Russia and abroad and special software, these skills and knowledge allow us to competently assess approaches to the development of new and unexplored fields. This is extremely important when preparing technical and economic project evaluation, justification of investments, the valuation of assets before or after acquisition and finally the choice of development strategy for new discoveries and green fields.

The special competencies of our experts include extensive knowledge on heavy and high viscosity oil fields, and the use of advanced EOR/IOR methods (gas injection, thermal, ASP, LoSal, BrightWater). In addition, we have accumulated solid experience in the design of gas field development.