Exploration Department
Petroleum Technologies

Exploration Department of our company is staffed with highly qualified specialists and has a long term experience for accomplishing the following tasks

  • Seismic and geophysical interpretation
  • substantiation of geological structure and hydrocarbon deposits
  • reserves estimation and audit (2D and 3D)
  • 3D modeling, its update and control with the use of all range of G&G data (seismic data, facial analysis, core description, well logs interpretation results / borehole data, regional trends)
  • planning of exploration and supplementary exploration operations for fields and license areas

Our specialists have excellent skills to work with 3D software geological modelling tools (Petrel, IRAP, JewelSuite). They already used these at more than 100 projects in different parts of the world. Geographical extent of our projects is very wide. We have dealt with sandstone and carbonate reservoir rocks in all Russian oil proliferous regions and abroad – in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Key success factor for our each project is engagement of all data sources available and continuous consultations with colleagues and partners while taking decisions determining a direction for a project development. And we follow this rule throughout the whole working process. We apply this multidisciplinary approach when implement projects at either our own and whilst we organize working groups at our customer’s office.

Our expert’s special competences are as follows:

  • developing an E&P strategy for fields on the basis of geological and technological risks with working out its reduction program
  • fracture zones forecasting based on different methods including duplex waves migration techniques (PETEC’s unique expertise)
  • online MWD with simultaneous geological models correction