Engineering services
and consultations from qualified specialists

Design, monitoring and control of oil and gas fields development and production

  • 3D geological and reservoir simulation
  • execution of field development (redevelopment) projects
  • modeling, evaluation and application of EOR/IOR methods (gas, thermal and chemical methods, modern well treatment technologies)
  • high resolution sectoral modeling of field’s areas
  • preparation of technical measures for increasing production rates (based on sectoral modeling)

Petrophysical and geophysical interpretation methods

  • interpretation of seismic and geophysical well logging data
  • determining parameters, estimations including complex sand-slit-shale and porous-cavernous fractured carbonate reservoirs
  • oil, gas, condensate reserves evaluation and its approbation with state controlling bodies
  • geological and economic evaluation of exploration prospects

Establishing of IO centers

The creation of IO centers from scratch and building on existing control and visualization centers. Using integrated work centers allow for optimizing interaction of specialists of a company among themselves and with experts, contractors, exchange of information, accelerating the adoption of responsible decisions and costs reduction. IO centers allow:

  • to focus control over key production processes in a control center of a parent company
  • to secure the real-time control over key production processes by highly qualified specialists
  • to reduce costs and expenses
  • to optimize the efficiency of all operations to increase production