Software Sales and Support Department
Petroleum Technologies

The Software Sales and Support Department, as its name implies, deals with all matters related to the distribution and maintenance of specialized software solutions from our partners, the number of which is growing from one year to another. We offer software products well-known and popular around the world. With our help they are now well-known in Russia too. Leading Russian oil companies and its R&D centers are our customers for many years.

Contact us to talk about your problems and we will help to choose the optimal software product that will help you to solve them.

The desired product is not among those we offer? This does not mean that we will not help! If the product you need exists in the world, we’ll find and deliver it to you.

Software Technical Support and Maintenance

As we provide services for oil and gas companies, our specialists have sufficient experience with the promoted software products and are providing Russian-speaking software support. This allows our clients to receive consultations in a shorter time and in a native language.

The Department’s experts advise our users on all issues related to the use of our software, as well as provide updates, corrections, and new software products as they become available released by developers. The service is provided in the framework of an agreement on technical support, together with the developers of the respective software products.

Training courses for the use of software

The computer itself does nothing – people do. That’s why it is not enough to buy a software product – one also need to know how to use it. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about it.

The training course is not included and is not part of technical support services. It must be ordered separately. Yes, it costs money. But, first, the training is inexpensive and, secondly, the money spent will repeatedly and promptly pay back because trained professionals begin to work faster and in a more efficient way: they don’t waste time by learning new products at random and don’t make stupid mistakes.

All manufacturers generally offer training in their offices. We will help you to choose the right course and reserve a place for you in class. If you need to train several people (3 or more) or to provide training for special (not standard) program, it is advantageous to invite the instructor to your office. Our partners are willing to come to Russia and we, if necessary, will arrange for everything else, from a computer room to translation.

Presentation of the software capabilities

PETEC experts are willing to provide information about the features and benefits of promoted software products. Information can be provided by phone, email or during the live presentation at yours or our office.