Special Projects Department
Petroleum Technologies

The Special Projects Department is a platform for solving of very specific highly technical tasks. Often such a task requires collaboration with consultants with unique expertise in the desired field. Thus, the Special Projects Department, in fact, is engaged in management of integrated projects and setting up of multidisciplinary teams to solve client-specific problems. PETEC repeatedly performed for its clients projects like:

  • technical audit for offshore exploration wells drilling programs
  • recruitment and provision of personnel to work in the office of the customer (3D geological and reservoir modeling, selection and implementation of EOR methods) and support of offshore drilling operations (drilling supervisors and superintendents)
  • development of implementation concept for Integrated Operations (IO) centers for drilling and production operations
  • I-field solutions

The implementation of I-field and IO approach is one of the unique PETEC’s competencies. We have been working on that topic since 2005 and actively cooperate with leading Norwegian companies that are engaged in the development and implementation of technologies for decision support, data processing automation and visualization, as well as management consulting and advising on the implementation of change management.

IO is the basis for implementing the concept of Intelligent (smart) Field (I-field, e-field, smart field, digital oil field, etc.).

To date, the Department implemented more than 20 projects of different complexity. The total value of projects accomplished is more than $ 50 million. And the average cost of realization of the developed or audited projects – more than $ 1 billion.

We in PETEC believe there are no tasks and problems that cannot be resolved. Tell us what is your problem! And we will find a solution for it – on our own or with the help of our partners and experts from around the world.