Norwegian company AGR is one of the leading contractors for geological subsoil exploration and drilling both onshore and offshore wells. The company has drilled more than 500 wells worldwide, and hundreds of drilling projects carried out on a turn-key basis. Great experience of AGR has enabled the company to develop software that best solves the challenges that drilling units of oil and gas companies and drilling contractors encounter.

The software product P1 is designed for:

  • risk assessment and development of management and control program for well construction
  • probabilistic estimation of time and cost of well construction (it increases estimates precision by 40-70%)
  • decision making support (choice of option) based on statistical analysis of previous projects data
  • the development of common standards of operations in a company on the basis of analysis of previous wells drilling experience

P1 is used by four of the six leading international oil companies to support all projects for wells drilling.

A software product CT is designed for CT:

  • constant control over estimate execution and actualization of project costs (estimated calculation can be imported from P1 or other source)
  • create regular automated reports for technicians and project managers with relevant information about the project status and current cost
  • CT allows for project execution with minimum labor content

Software product M2 is designed for:

  • convenient multi-user control over the movement of materials and equipment involved in the project, from order to disposal or return to supplier
  • getting rid of paper documents while setting bills with suppliers and contractors

M2 created by professionals for professionals and allows solving task of providing equipment and materials at astonishing ease and speed. The product does not require complicated setup and is ready for operation immediately after installation.

Software product iQx is designed for:

  • synthesis and analysis of geological and borehole records from previously completed projects for onshore and offshore wells drilling based on daily drilling reports data (IDS, WellView, OpenWells, SiteCom, etc.)
  • forecasting changes in criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the information in the database
  • linking information on incidents, accidents, complications, and other events with borehole data for establishing an intelligent database

iQx database contains all information on more than 6000 wells drilled on the Norwegian continental shelf.