CMG is a world-famous Canadian company, a pioneer and undisputed leader in the field of reservoir modeling of unconventional reservoirs. The company exists for 30 years and is based in Calgary – the center of Canadian petroleum industry. All this time CMG has been solely engaged in the development and support of software for reservoir simulation. The company's specialists are sure: "It’s much more attractive and reputable to be the best in the world in one specific matter than doing a lot of things raggedly." And we share such an approach.

An outstanding achievement of the company is the creation of a reservoir simulator for thermal and special processes STARS. This simulator is in fact an industrial standard for modelling heavy and high  viscosity oil reservoirs, thermal, physical and chemical methods of EOR and for all cutting edge technologies for hydrocarbons extraction. With no exceptions, all international companies engaged in heavy and high-viscosity oils development projects use only STARS for these purposes. It is the industry standard in Canada and Venezuela – two countries with the largest reserves of heavy oils.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that STARS is a unique and versatile scientific tool. Built-in algorithms allow its application in areas not directly related to oil production. For example, a number of research groups in the US and the UK have been using STARS to simulate medication delivery through the blood-vascular system to human organs and their absorption on tissue.


Module CMG



IMEX - Three-Phase, Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator

An indispensable tool to model complex, heterogeneous, faulted oil and gas reservoirs, using millions of grid blocks, to achieve the most reliable predictions and forecasts. Use IMEX for screening prospects, setting up pilot designs, monitoring and optimizing field operations, and improving production performance


GEM - Compositional & Unconventional Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulator

GEM is essential for modelling complex reservoirs with complicated phase behaviour interactions that directly impacts the desired recovery method and estimated net present value (NPV). By using GEM, engineers are able to accurately understand and model compositional fluid behaviour for primary and enhanced recovery processes


STARS - Termal & Advanced Processes Reservoir Simulator

Use STARS to accurately and efficiently capture reservoir dynamics, over the entire lifecycle of the well. Through accurate reservoir visualization, engineers will clearly see changes to the reservoir based upon fluid behaviour, steam or air injection and/or electrical heating


ENHANCE & Accelerate Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis

A state-of-the-art reservoir engineering optimization tool, employing innovative experimental design, sampling and optimization techniques to efficiently determine the reservoir parameters which define the production and ultimate recovery of oil and gas fields


COFLOW - Integrated Reservoir And Production System Modelling Application

CoFlow, a multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary team environment, allows reservoir and production engineers to collaborate on the same asset, using the same software application, to make informed decisions.


BUILDER - Simulation Model Building Application

Through the use of Builder's 2D and 3D visualization or keyword input, users are able to easily prepare reservoir simulation models. Reservoir Engineers will realize immediate time savings from effectively navigating the often complex process of preparing reservoir simulation models


RESULT - Visualization & Analysis Application

Through industry-leading visualization capabilities, Results will turn your simulation data output into easily comprehendible 2D or 3D models allowing users to gain new understanding and insight into recovery processes and improved NPV.


iSEGWELL - Intelligent Segment Wells

iSegWell, an advanced analytical wellbore modelling tool in IMEX, models complex flow regimes and pressure change throughout the wellbore brances, tubing and equipment.


WINPROP - Phase-Behaviour And Fluid Property Program

WinProp accurately identifies and models the phase behaviour and properties for your reservoir fluids. Petroleum engineers will gain a better understanding of the fluid interactions throughout the lifecycle of the well.